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MCTA has partnered with the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area to provide a free weekend shuttle service along the Pennsylvania side of the river.

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The Transit in the Park service provides free kayak and canoe portage to bring you to the river.

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Bike and Hike

Make use of the 30+ miles of McDade Trail along the river. Go as far as you'd like and let the Pocono Pony take you back to your starting point.

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River Runner. Delaware Water Gap / Milford
Four Months Til Start!

This route provides access to the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area's four Pennsylvania river access points, numerous trailheads as well as Shawnee Inn, Fernwood, Shawnee Playhouse, downtown Delaware Water Gap, downtown Milford at Action Bikes and Outdoor, to just name a few. Service starts Saturday, May 28, 2016 and continues each weekend until Labor Day, September 5, 2016. Includes Memorial Day (May 24th), Independence Day and Labor Day (September 5th).


River Runner - Northbound - Delaware Water Gap to Milford
Gray Numbers = AM Blue Numbers = PM;
Martz DWG 7:00 9:00 11:00 12:00 1:00 4:00
Park and Ride DWG 7:02 9:02 11:02 12:02 1:02 4:02
Shawnee Inn 7:08 9:08 11:08 12:08 1:08 4:08
Smithfield Beach 7:23 9:23 11:23 12:23 1:23 4:23
Fernwood 7:38 9:38 11:38 12:38 1:38 4:38
Bushkill Access 7:45 9:48 11:48 12:48 1:48 4:48
Toms Creek Picnic Area 7:50 9:50 11:50 12:50 1:50 4:50
PEEC - 10:10 - - - -
Dingmans Access 8:05 10:25 12:05 1:05 2:05 5:05
Milford Beach 8:25 10:45 12:25 1:25 2:25 5:25
Downtown Milford 8:35 10:55 12:35 1:35 2:35 5:35


River Runner - Southbound - Milford to Delaware Water Gap
Gray Numbers = AM Blue Numbers = PM;
Downtown Milford 9:00 11:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 6:00
Milford Beach 9:05 11:05 1:05 2:05 3:05 6:05
Dingmans Access 9:25 11:25 1:25 2:25 3:25 6:25
PEEC - - - - 3:35 -
Toms Creek Picnic Area 9:37 11:37 1:37 2:37 3:50 6:37
Bushkill Access 9:42 11:42 1:42 2:42 3:55 6:42
Fernwood 9:47 11:47 1:47 2:47 4:00 6:48
Smithfield Beach 10:07 12:07 2:07 3:07 4:20 7:07
Shawnee Inn 10:22 12:22 2:22 3:22 4:35 7:22
Park and Ride DWG 10:29 12:29 2:29 3:29 4:42 7:29
Martz DWG 10:34 12:34 2:34 3:34 4:47 7:34


Delaware Water Gap Connector - Eastbound - Swiftwater to Delaware Water Gap
MCTA 6:30 8:30 11:30
Weis - Tannersville 6:37 8:37 11:37
Stroudsburg High School 6:48 8:48 11:48
Martz DWG 6:58 8:58 11:58


Delaware Water Gap Connector - Westbound - Delaware Water Gap to Swiftwater
Gray Numbers = AM Blue Numbers = PM;
Martz DWG 2:40 5:00 7:40
Stroudsburg High School 2:50 5:10 7:50
Weis - Tannersville 3:01 5:21 8:01
MCTA 3:08 5:28 8:08

Deviations and Important Notices

  1. See you in 2016!

Transit in the Park

About the Program

MCTA has been partnering with the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area for the past six years to provide free public bus service along the Pennsylvania side of the river. MCTA provides a weekend shuttle with boat and bicycle portage between Memorial Day and Labor Day from Stroudsburg, PA area to Milford, PA and back.

Contact Information

Phone(570) 243-3400
FacebookTransit in the Park

How to Ride

The Transit in the Park program is free to board. Pick the location you'd like to board and your destination using the schedule and map above. Be at the stop about 5 to 10 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive, with your gear ready to load. MCTA can transport bicyles, canoes, kayaks, children (who may be properly behaved), and dogs (who are properly behaved). Passengers are required to load and secure their belongings, MCTA operators will check the equipment to ensure it is properly stowed.

Putting equipment on the trailer takes some time. There will be times the bus is late. We apologize in advance, but please be aware that this may happen.

Coming with a large group (10 or more people)? Please call ahead to let us know so we can be properly prepared.

Float down the River

Small Craft Portage

In 2014, MCTA transported over 1,000 kayaks and canoes up and down the Delaware River. Our free boat portage service is most helpful for those who use the river for boat recreation.

Our trailer is designed to haul up to 8 kayaks and canoes, along with personal flotation devices, oars and paddles, coolers and camping equipment. If you have access to, and the ability to use the proper equipment, you can take a trip anywhere from 2 to 30 miles on the Delaware River.

The best part is that we take the chore of the relay vehicle. You park and load our bus and float back to your vehicle (or vice-versa if your coming from the Milford area).

Safe and Secure

All of our bus operators are specially trained to drive this route and have at least a CDL Class B license. Our trailer equipment is checked regularly throughout the season to ensure safe operation. Each vehicle is provided the proper maintanence to meet all state standards.

Navigating the Transit in the Park Schedule is so easy, small children can do it.

Overnight River Trips

There are a limited number of overnight camping locations approved by the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. You can use the Pocono Pony for an extended overnight trip by parking at the Milford Beach location and completing your trip at Smithfield Beach on a weekend service. Be sure to check the schedule and be off the river to catch the shuttle back to your vehicle in time. Check the National Park Service for important information about camping along the river.


Waterprooof river recreation mapsets are available for the Delaware River using this link to the Delaware River Basin Commission. Also, A Paddler's Guide to the Delaware River may be a useful book for those looking for the most information about the river. For an extended trip on the river, conisder participating in the 2016 Delaware River Sojurn.

Biking and Hiking along the Delaware River

The McDade Trail

The McDade Trail offers a unique view of the Delaware River and the surrounding area for the 30+ miles from Milford to Hialeah. Hiking and biking are acceptable uses of the crushed stone trail. Numerous small bridges span the gaps between gullies and small streams. Expansive views welcome vistors who make the journey to key locations.

Waterfalls and Other Gems

For the intrepid visitor, the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation area on the Pennsylvania side has a number of great places to visit, accessible by hiking or cycling. Dingman's Falls is one of the tallest on the US East Coast. Raymondskill Falls are tucked into an area known for its increadible views. A number of trailheads exist radiating perpendicular to the McDade Trail on the other side of US 209.

Transit In the Park Live Bus View

This service provides a view of where the buses are between Stroudsburg and PEEC.

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